• Security 2.0 +

    Security 2.0 encompasses IT security 2.0 and Physical security 2.0   Our team of security experts can penetrate many Infrastructures using various security techniques. Let the experts help you guard down on today's technologically advanced threats and attacks.  IT Security is a very big topic. to make matters short, all technology is vulnerable and our senses are no match for these threats. We must deploy active monitoring and scanning techniques along with constant maintenance to stay on to of the "hacker - new technology" lifecycle. we are always advancing our techniques to guard you against many powerful threats that exist today and you might have experienced yourselves. Our team of technology experts will analyze the entire network infrastructure for any loopholes that can be found and once assessed a vulnerability mitegation plan should proceed. Many problems with IT security is that companies leave all IT duties to the IT guy. not realizing that the technology world or IT is huge and 1 man can not completely mitigate security issues. nowadays security problems are on the the rise and digital attacks have taken many forms and shapes. Our team will prepare you handle the 21st century with security and peace of mind.   Phisical security...      
  • Enterprise 2.0 IT Solutions +

    2 IT Support is fully aware of the Enterprise world needs. High availability, Scalability, and security are only some of our focus points when delivering high end QoS.   Virtual Infrastructions: VMWARE vSphere 5, Microsoft Hyper-v, OpenStack, oVirt and other VDI offerings Accounts and Directories: Microsoft Active Directory, Novel, LDAP Email Systems: Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, cloud offerings Backup Solutions: Acronis, Clonezilla, Symantec backup Exec, Windows Backup Storage solutions: EMC NetApp, Apple Raidx, Lacie, and opensource  
  • Small & Medium Business 2.0 IT Support +

    whether you are SMB 2.0 or Enterprise level, we have an advanced ticketing system for you. all you need to do is use your phone and scan the machine's in for servicing.. one of our dedicated professionals will remote in and asses the situation. We have evolved into the new generation of business and now we are evolving into a new generation of support. Always readily available the tools needed for your company to succeed. We are always working on reducing downtown and over head for the smoothest operation of your infrastructure possible. 
  • Home Office 2.0 Technology Solutions +

    Are you an entrepreneur with a small sized 1-3 person office. maybe having special technology needs as well as trying to take it to the next level. Let us help you, we have consulted many Top companies in many industries, we have insight that can boost your entire business performance. Lets help you get there, we are not just IT guys we are technology professionals.
  • Total Backup 2.0 +

    Not all backup systems are the same, ours is robust and efficient at the task at hand. We utilize 2 forms backups. one for long retention, and other for fast retrievals and granularity.  Depending on the size of the data being backed up and the sensitivity of the data we are offered with options to utilize protection against physical damage or disasters, virus infections, malware, and other data corruptions down to the hour if desired. bringing the best of two worlds, cloud protection and bare metal restore disaster recovery. In order for your business to succeed you must choose a an IT company that will handle your data with care. We are here to help.  
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Letter from founder

Hello Business owners,

My name is Shady and I have been born into computing. After 8 years supporting enterprise architectures, as well as SMB topologies, I was able to get a feel of how vast and sometimes un-robust technology could be. There are always challenges in IT that we face everyday and I am here to help you find a solution.

2 IT Support, was born after experiencing an influx of unhappy customers from previous enterprise roles that I have worked on. I have learned a vast majority of systems and issues and compiled them into one usable solution. We have created the first solution for the enterprise 2.0, SMB 2.0, and public 2.0 (coming soon). We are at an age of information threats, direct attacks, and even physical and social attacks. We have to be ready prepared and secure!

Our motto includes practicing the art of Information technology. We are dedicating all of our time to ensuring the smoothest IT ibfrastructure operation possible in the 21st century. We have combined various techniques to be able to maximize productivity and ROI for your business as a whole. We specialize in Hardware at Shadyrepairs.com, Software at oneclicksolutions.net, and IT solutions for the Business 2.0 at 2ITSupport.com.

When you come 2 IT Support.. we will help you with all of your IT needs; Even in the most severe cases of lost data. We are fully equipped to handle any enterprise, or small and medium business information challenges. you can rely on the information experts to handle your data with the utmost care. Do not be fooled by the hourly rate jargon, we are a 24/7/365 service, 97.6% up-time, and a one time monthly fee based on the size of your office technology needs, other packages available (hourly repair rate). 

We will handle all of your IT security issues. Imagine if all your data can be viewed by the public eyes? surprisingly most businesses have holes other IT companies just don't detect and are not aware of. We have got you covered. our team of ethical hackers try to find breaches in your configurations and secure them!

Backups? great question! That is the most important thing for the life of the company. Imagine If someone had told you, I am missing files from my computer! ... you ask "which files", they reply "well all of my accounting files are gone, and something happened to my start button too!" ... What a nightmare!!. The IT guy later asses that the damage was from a malignant virus that has infected not just her machine, but data on the main server! Years worth of data and hard work are gone. Let us help protect you. We always have granular history of your data so you are always protected. 

All this technology seems expensive. We also have a solution for that. We utilize opensource technology and services that allow us to assist with demanding costs of the IT infrastructure. 

We specialize in some Cloud architectures, VMware, Hyper-v, OpenStack, and oVirt, we have explored other virtual realms such as virtual appliances and virtual apps on both VMware architectures and Microsoft AppV. 

I hope you have an idea of our capabilities and how we can always find a solution for your business.

Thank you,
Shady Tanios
CEO, 2ITSupport

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